Quake4 spanning both screens, not good

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Fri Jun 29 02:36:32 UTC 2007

I downloaded the new Quake4 1.4.2 demo:


The problem is, I use two LCD screens with TwinView, a GeForce 7600 card 
and the NVidia binary drivers on this Fedora 7 system, and Q4 is sitting 
right in the middle of the extended desktop. This is annoying, since the 
edge between screens is right on the crosshairs.

Is there a way to tell Q4 to stay only on one screen?

I've found some indications here:


I remember using that trick successfully with Tremulous on Fedora Core 
6. However, Fedora 7 uses a different version of X which does not have 
the "MetaModes" line in xorg.conf

Florin Andrei


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