kmail problems after recent update

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Sat Jun 30 03:02:49 UTC 2007

On Friday 29 June 2007 10:48:38 pm Ed Greshko wrote:
> Seems like the KDE developers had a collective brain fart and time for yet
> another bugzilla, huh?

   I'm investigating alternative email programs - it is too critical to have 
this messed up. The other bugs recently introduced while slightly ugly don't 
impact my day to day work flow - mail does!! 

   Till now kmail was only braindead in the way it handled replies to (html) 
formatted mail (for which I am using evolution or thunderbird now ...).  For 
other things I mostly preferred kmail ..... I wonder if I can use fetchmail 
to grab from exhange - feed through procmail but deliver to local imap 
folders ... hmm .... anyone?

 evo used to be quite slow with filters - i'll investigate again - its been a 
while - i'd prefer to use procmail but not sure a clean way to engage that 
with exchange.

  I'm trying to make my mail as independent of the mail client as possible - 
for example I never save to local files - I run a local imap server and save 
all to that. Now I can access that with any mail client ... this is how I use 
evo or thunderbird when I have to reply to formatted mail (a good chunk of my 
corporate/business emails) - as kmail eats those!!


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