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Todd Zullinger tmz at
Sat Jun 30 16:07:06 UTC 2007

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Like many who run Epson printers simply because the output color
> quality is worth it, I find I am stuck in a catch 22.  I cannot
> update my gimp install with your new packages.
> Why?
> The new gimp packaging is apparently hard coded in its dependencies
> to absolutely depend on gimp-print-4.2.7-23 and its plugin of the
> same version number.
> I installed, using checkinstall, gutenprint-5.1.0 which includes
> this renamed plugin, back in February as it fixed many long standing
> bugs such as the bottom of the page color fades, and now allows
> flawless borderless printing too.  I am not about to screw up my
> printing ability by allowing a working very well installation to be
> over-written with broken code by false dependencies such as this.
> gimp-print has essentially been frozen in time at version 4.2.7 for
> at least 2 years, maybe longer, and any support is totally up to the
> individual distro, so I fail to see any logic or reasoning behind
> the redhat/fedora reticence in adopting gutenprint in its place.  It
> simply doesn't grok here.
> Short of downloading the new gimp and installing it --nodeps
> --force, all by hand, which will work for me I'm sure, or building
> it from the tarball which I've also been known to do when fedora
> ignores known problems for months at a time, how do I convince TPTB
> that gimp-print is a deadend that should be deprecated and
> gutenprint used to replace it?

There is a flag in the source rpm to control whether the package is
built with gimp-print or gutenprint.  That might be the simpler way
that building it all manually.  Or maybe not. :)

It's surely not that the packagers aren't aware of both options, so
there are likely reasons why the package now requires
gimp-print-plugin.  They may not be reasons you agree with though.  If
you feel the dependency is in error, the way to bring that to the
packagers attention is to file a bug in your friend the bugzilla.
That should at least help answer the question of why the dep is there
and perhaps you can persuade the packager that it should not be.

I think some of the problem arises from the fact that in FC6,
gutenprint was in Extras and not in Core.  That means that the core
package gimp can't require gutenprint.  There is some discussion of
this in  It looks as if the
changes made for the F7 gimp package have been applied to the FC6
package as well.  Perhaps they shouldn't be.  You may be able to point
this out in that bug and see if the gimp maintainer will reconsider
that change.

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