Network install FC7

Kam Leo kam.leo at
Fri Nov 2 02:02:20 UTC 2007

On 11/1/07, Bill Davidsen <davidsen at> wrote:
> I want to install FC8 on a machine without a DVD, but with a CD drive. I
> decided the easy way is to do a network install, and put the DVD image
> on my file server. However, after trying the install command on both the
> rescue CD and the boot.iso from the DVD, and exporting the data by both
> NFS and HTTP, I'm beginning to think that there is a serious omission in
> the "quick and easy" guide. The install pulls the stage2 file off the
> server and then says it can't pull the file off the server and invites
> reconfiguration. I can most definitely pull the file with correct md5sum
> using either protocol.
> Looking at te HTTP access in the httpd/access log, it looks af if the
> install looks first in the "disk1" directory, then directly in images,
> but it finds the file just fine.
> One possible problem, this is an Athlon processor (K7) and I can find
> distributions for i686, x86_64, and pcc, but none for i386 (the RPMs say
> i686 in the 386 directory), or for Athlon. Because FC8 works, I assume
> this is configuration rather than needing a different build.
> Is there a simple trick or a pointer to valid instructions? I can
> install FC8 on the machine just fine, but pulling a pre-release
> distribution over a slow (4Mbit) network is not what I want other than a
> proof of concept.
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For NFS install you only need to provide access to the iso file. The
information here, , is a
little dated but the concepts should hold.

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