Fedora 7 'issues' (printer)

Michael Hartley mike40033 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 02:15:51 UTC 2007

I have a Samsung ML-1510 Laser printer, connected to the CP via a USB

It worked perfectly well under RH8.

Under FC4, it worked ok once I managed to get it installed, but kept
disappearing, until someone from this list advised me how to tweak the OS to
make it work.

Under FC7, it worked for a couple of weeks, but now (after a YUM update) the
printer seems to be 'not connected - trying again in 30s'

Any advice?

I am tempted to downgrade to FC6, or *gasp!* even buy a cheap Windows XP
machine. I don't have time to be my own technical support department.

Yours, Mike H...
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