Returning to the OOwrite malfuntion question.

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Fri Nov 2 14:53:44 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 13:43 +1030, Tim wrote:
> Rick Stevens:
> >> All on x86_64.  BTW, simply going into the printer dialog and specifying
> >> "landscape" doesn't work.  I had to change the document's page format
> >> ("Format-->Page...-->Page" tab, select "Landscape radio button").
> Aaron Konstam:
> > Ok, that is the secret. Thaks for pointing it out. However that still
> > means that Openoffice 2.2 is broken. If 2.3 fixes this I guess we don't
> > need a bugzilla as long as f8 comes with 2.3. I will think about this.
> If setting the page format as landscape is all that's required, and you
> don't also have to change the printer settings, then nothing is broken.
> That's how you should make landscape documents.
> -- 
I don't agree. Going to: File->Printer setup and click Landscape should
also work.
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