Hard Drive Speed

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Sat Nov 3 23:37:26 UTC 2007

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 15:49 +1030, Tim wrote:
>> Tim:
>>>> Other than some drives come jumpered to run at half that speed, so
>>>> they're compatible with older SATA hosts.
>> Ric Moore:
>>> Where or what do you look for check to see just what is jumpered?
>> The drive...  ;-)  
> I shoulda expected that one!  ;) 
>> For a SATA drive, that'd probably be the only jumper
>> available on it, and if the drive's label doesn't explain, you'd have to
>> go to the manufacturer's website.
>> My drive has one of those jumpers, and the top-of-the-drive label
>> explains it.
> Just for ducks, why would they set the drive to half speed? Think it
> might have failed some reliability test at the factory?? Am I about to
> bork my drive if I find it set to half-speed and return it to full? I
> know that any answer would be pure speculation, but I want to make a
> reasonable decision. 
> <maybe someone should just kill me now to end the possible forthcoming
> pain!>  Ric
    On my SATA they said the white jumper was installed to make this 
drive emulate an IDE. So I removed the white drive and can't say it 
changed a thing :-)


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