Iptables port 5353 -

Adalbert Prokop adalbert.prokop at gmx.de
Sun Nov 4 14:56:30 UTC 2007

Bob Goodwin wrote on Sunday 04 November 2007:

> >>                 Listed by source hosts:
> >>         Logged 63 packets on interface eth0
> >>           From - 63 packets to igmp(0) udp(161,5353)

> >>    It appears that I [] am the source of them?  Should I
> >>    have 5353 open?  What is their significance?

> > 5353 is used by Windows dynamic DNS. If you're not supporting dynamic
> > DNS on your local network, you can continue to drop/ignore the
> > packets. They're needed only by a DNS/DHCP server.

> That raises the question then, why am I trying to send them?
> Do I have something configured wrong?

As Luciano pointed out, it is the mDNS service. Therefor you probably have 
an active mDNS server instance (e.g. avahi) which announces your machine 
throughout the local network.


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