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Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Mon Nov 5 03:22:24 UTC 2007

Martin Marques wrote:
> Hi all, sorry for the OT, but as many people here have more knowledge
> then me on this topic I'll just ask.
> I'm about to by a digital camara and I was looking at a Panasonic Lumix
> with 5MP and 6x optical zoom.
> I tend to see the 6x zoom more interesting then having 7 or more MP, but
> I'd like to know if I should go for more MP or stay with the good zoom.
> Once againg, sorry for the OT.
What are you going to use the camera for? Are you going to be doing
a lot of post processing of the pictures? Are you planning on making
large prints? Web page photos? Digital picture frames? Are you going
to be taking pictures at max res, or at a lower res because of
storage requirements? Are you going to be using the zoom to frame
your shots? Is the zoom fast enough, and easy to use?

These are all factors that affect the proper camera choice for you.
If you are not that good at framing shots, or the zoom is slow/hard
for you to use, then a higher res picture that you can crop later to
properly frame your shot is a good idea. If you are going to be
taking a lot of pictures, with limited chances to change memory
cards, and are good at framing your shots using the zoom, then a
lower res camera with a good optical zoom may be the right choice.

To give you an example, I spent years taking pictures with a 35mm
SLR camera. For things like weddings I mainly used a 35-70 zoom. I
can not stand my sister's camera with digital zoom. But she loves
it. If I take the plunge and get a digital SLR, she would hate using
it. (She can not take pictures with my 35mm SLR.) An extreme
example, but a valid one.


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