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John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Mon Nov 5 09:56:37 UTC 2007

Martin Marques wrote:
> Hi all, sorry for the OT, but as many people here have more knowledge 
> then me on this topic I'll just ask.
> I'm about to by a digital camara and I was looking at a Panasonic Lumix 
> with 5MP and 6x optical zoom.
> I tend to see the 6x zoom more interesting then having 7 or more MP, but 
> I'd like to know if I should go for more MP or stay with the good zoom.
> Once againg, sorry for the OT.

There's digital cameras, and there's Digital Cameras.

I'm very happy with my Canon 30D which I bought just before it was 
superceded by the 40D.

I'm not as steady as I once was, so I find the image stabiliser on the 
first lens very handy. I regret that my longer lens, 100-300 doesn't 
have it.

I was recently photographing in Victoria's Parliament House, using 
available light (the Youth Parliament was in session, so no flash). 
Exposures down to 1/5 sec seemed okay, doing nothing more than leaning 
on available furniture.

It can focus through glass, which I think compact cameras cannot.

Best, it plays very nicely with Linux:-)

Now, the only problem _I_ have with Panasonic (and Sony) is that it's an 
electronics company. The most important part of the camera is the glass, 
without good glass the rest really doesn't matter.

I think some are sourcing their lenses from Leica. As a journalist 
noted, I'd like a Leica, but they're too damned expensive.

Nikon, Canon, Olympus have been pretty much at the front in (consumer) 
SLR and compact cameras in recent years, with Pentax and Ricoh not far 



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