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Mon Nov 5 12:01:42 UTC 2007

On Sunday 04 November 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Sunday 04 November 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>> I have used roadnav with a smaller display when when using a GPS,
>>> having "map tracks GPS" set. But you have to have the display zoomed
>>> correctly, and the detail set right. Don't clutter it up with things
>>> like aerial photos and such. I also like to have GPS history turned on.
>> Yup, all that.  The photo's FWIW, need a net connection as you move
>> otherwise it will drive you bonkers bitching about the dead network.  I
>> had a heck of a time figuring that out as the error message itself isn't
>> exactly helpfull as to what option needs that live connection.
>Thanks for that information. I have not run into it yet, but I don't
>turn on photos except when playing around at home, or when I am
>parked somewhere with a fast Internet connection. I am not sure how
>many photo's are cached, but I do know both maps and photos are
>cached. (Look in the ~/.Roadnavdata/http_cache for the photos.)
>From the way it acts on the lappy, I don't think the photos are cached all 
that deeply, too big as that would be many terrabytes just for a single 

>>> As far as the rotating map, open up  Tools --> Preferences --> GPS
>>> and uncheck the Rotate Map to Match Heading box. You may also want
>>> to check the Zoom Based on Road Type and Keep GPS Centered boxes.
>> I did that, also disabled the map follows gps button, but if the gps is
>> turned on and delivering data, you are surely screwed, the map orientation
>> requester is helpless.  This was V-19 of roadnav.  Still fresh.
>I will have to do some testing. I was sure the last time I went
>driving with the GPS that north was always up. But that was a while
>ago. (I am doing some remodeling on the motorhome...)

So will I, that option in the prefs is worded too much like the button on the 
left of the screen, and its possible they are separate items.

>>> The display size needed kind of depends on where you are driving.
>>> Driving in a city takes a larger display then driving on freeways in
>>> the country. I like to go over the route before hand, and then have
>>> just the map on a small display when driving. But I like having a
>>> full display and someone else to read it and give me the information
>>> I need even better.
>> I would have had the missus in the shotgun seat do that, but she doesn't
>> travel those kinds of distances at all well, so I didn't take her.  Then
>> caught a small amount of hell when I got back cuz I didn't even ask & I
>> can't recall one way or the other if I did.  I'd get me another missus,
>> but I've got 19 years in training this one on 12-2, 3 weeks on down the
>> calendar.  So far she has been a 'keeper' :)
>Yes, after 19 years, it doesn't pay to "trade her in" om a newer
>model. :-) I am still looking for one.

This ones my third, having lost the first to a stroke at the age of 34 back in 
1968.  Then I picked up a glasshopper who also had 3, so that was 6, and we 
then made 3 more.  Of my first 3, the 2nd will be gone shortly, and of her 3, 
2 are gone due to MD.  We tore up that blanket after 17 years as she had her 
own agenda & even the kids have disowned her.  Sadly, her leaving wasn't 
amicable and the IRS came after me for the difference, she had been cooking 
the books I guess.

>> And in my present mood, sad, I forgot to say thank you, so thank you very
>> much Mikkel.
>You don't have to thanks me. I enjoy helping. Now if only I could
>resist the urge to get off topic... I hope I was able to take your
>mind off of things for a while.

Yes, it helps.  Thanks.


Cheers, Gene
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