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halo9 wrote:
> i have a ibm thinkpad x41 tablet, what i would like is to trigger
the rotations app xrandr automatically when i switvel my screen, in
other distros they have a function called acpi listen, this allows
the laptop to listen and wait for certain acpi and bind a command to it.
> any ideas how i can get fedora to do this.
> if ive got anything wrong please correct me, im a very confident
computer user however linux is a new baby to me
> thanks in advance>
Fedora also have the acpi_listen command. It is part of the acpid
package. You can bind events to commands by adding a config file in
/etc/acpi/events. On the other hand, I believe this will be handled
by HAL sometime in the future. I think I saw something about it on
the HAL mailing list. If you want to go the acpi rout, you may want
ot read the acpid man page. (man acpid)


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