smoltSendProfile doesn't for F7 right now!

Mike C mike.cohler at
Wed Nov 7 08:28:56 UTC 2007

Tim <ignored_mailbox <at>> writes:

> Can you browse the smolt website with your web browser?  I found it
> painfully slow the other day (e.g. well over half a minute to get just
> the home page to show), perhaps the server is getting bogged down, or
> maybe it's a routing issue between it and some ISPs.  If so, the smolt
> daemon mightn't like trying to interact with it just as badly as my
> browser didn't like things.

You could be right - I don't know if the popularity of smolt now means that
the server no longer has sufficient bandwidth capacity to handle the number
of calls into their system? Or perhaps there is a networking problem on their

Either way - yes getting to see my systems on smolt, or the statistics, has
often been extremely slow.  Anyone else know what is happening on that front? 

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