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build the subversion repo on the dev web server, in the /var/website
directory, thus, all updated code will be displayed live on the webserver.

And to go from dev to live site, a quick svn co from the live site, and
bob's your uncle.

On Nov 7, 2007 5:15 PM, Ashley M. Kirchner <ashley at> wrote:

>    Just a bit OT here...  I'm trying to figure out whether I can do
> this with subversion or not:  We're starting to revamp one of our
> websites, but are keeping the current one live and slowly push updated
> code out.  Right now we have our live server and we have a dev server
> which is a mirror of the live one (or started out as such.)  Is there
> some way to incorporate subversion into this process where our
> developers can use it such as:
>    a) They can check out files they're going to work on, then back in
> when they're done.  But have it setup in such a ay that those files are
> accessible through the normal http protocol so they can look at it
> through a browser (as if they're just browsing a website, NOT browsing
> code.)
>    b) When we approve the updated code, a way to then push them through
> to the live server.
>    I know one can have a web "view" of all the files, but that's
> looking at the actual code (and this will still need to be available)
> however we also want the repository setup in such a way that they can
> view the actual site as they're working on code.  And once we can
> approve the updates, someone (probably me) will then push the new
> changes from this dev server onto the live one.  And on the live one, we
> would need a way to roll back if something breaks, however unlikely.
>    So, has anyone ever done this?  Is there documentation somewhere
> that anyone can point out to me?  Thanks!
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