Wise disk parting.

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Wed Nov 7 17:06:25 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Mark Haney wrote:
> Lamar Owen wrote:
> > swap equal to RAM size on late 2.6 kernels

> FWIW, my swap file is only half the size of the RAM I have.  Even with
> compiling things like KDE I've never come close to hit the swap limit.
> Is the 'same size as RAM' option still really valid for desktop/laptop
> users if they aren't just pushing the devil out of the system?

There was a time long ago in the 2.6.x series where you absolutely had to have 
swap of twice system RAM or things could get ugly.   Also, suspend to disk 
with swap writer needs swap to be twice RAM size.

This laptop has a 2G swap and 2G RAM; I am somewhat at a loss to remember how 
that came about, as I do tend to clone my drive onto the newer systems.  I 
think it's the partitioning set up by FC6 on my previous laptop which had 1G 
of RAM, and then the Partition Manager clone/move to this laptop kept that 
size; but i'm not sure whether I wiped the whole disk when I did the F7 KDE 
LiveCD install.

When I install F8 I'll keep better notes, and do a real wipe and reinstall, 
then restore /home....
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