running existing Fedora install in virtualizer

John Summerfield debian at
Wed Nov 7 21:27:23 UTC 2007

Konstantin Svist wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is it possible to run older Fedora installation in KVM [in Fedora 8]?
> I currently have FC6 installed and want to do a fresh install of F8 on a 
> separate partition. Will KVM (or any other virtualization software) 
> allow me to use my old FC6 without rebooting?


When RHEL5 was in beta, I was multibooting FC6 beta, RHEL5 beta, SLES10 
and openSUSE 10 (or so).

I had at least one of them booting at least one of the others with Xen, 
using paravirtualisation, but networking wasn't. I had to hand-configure it.

Note that you probably should pass physical /dev/sda1 (a partition) as 
/dev/sda1 (a partition). Passing a partition as a block device will, I'm 
sure, work but somebody's going to get confused.



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