yelp 64-bit and/or dependency question

Chris G cl at
Thu Nov 8 13:59:21 UTC 2007

I'm running Fedora 7 on an Intelr Core 2 Duo based system so the
Fedora install gave me 64-bit libraries etc.

I'm running a 32-bit Firefox on this system as there are some plugins
I need that are only available for 32-bit still.

In order that I get the 32-bit Firefox to run the 64-bit one needs to
be removed, OK, no problem I think.  However there is a problem,
uninstalling the 64-bit Firefox takes yelp with it.  In addition there
doesn't seem to be a 32-bit yelp, or at least I'm not offered one to

So, *is* there a 32-bit yelp and, if so, how can I get it installed?

Chris Green

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