upgrading from F7 to F8

Antti J. Huhtala ahuhtal4 at welho.com
Thu Nov 8 17:30:31 UTC 2007

to, 2007-11-08 kello 07:45:18 -0700, Craig White kirjoitti:

...big snip

> But upgrading from Fedora-x to Fedora-8 or whatever...
> there will be a number of whatever.conf.rpmnew files whose newer
> configuration options are lost in the upgrade and you might never know
> these things by upgrading.
I've upgraded from FC4 to F7 with everything between and have never
longed for whatever configuration options I may have missed. No big
deal, IMHO.

> there will be 'orphaned' packages that are left behind and not
> upgraded...how are you going to find them? how are you going to delete
> them?
Simple. AFAIK, they will manifest themselves as conflicts whenever an
update arrives which has an older version in the system. Pirut has been
a dependable remover of old versions - and it doesn't remove all
dependencies like 'yum remove' does (or at least used to).
> there will upgraded versions of things like gnome or kde whose
> settings files/folders in your $HOME directory will cause all sorts of
> issues - at least they have been a problem in the past.
In upgrading from FC6 to F7 I had three issues. Two of them were my
Epson C46 USB printer and K3b. Both were solved by removing and
reinstalling. I forget what the third issue was.

> I think that the upgrade provides many more opportunities for
> unexplained or inconsistent behavior whereas the 'clean' install 
> should be much more predictable behavior.
You may have a point there. One of these days I'll try clean install.
> Craig

BR, Antti

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