Network install FC7

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Thu Nov 8 19:51:43 UTC 2007

Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> I did a network install of FC7 ages ago, but I can't recall what
>>> protocol I used.  Whichever technique it was, I would have copied the
>>> files to a directory, I didn't use a loop mount, or serve out the
>>> ISO.
> John Summerfield:
>> You might have copied and then run createrepo. That should work.
> No, I didn't do anything like that.  I just can't remember whether I
> used HTTP or NFS for the last network install.  My install booted from
> the rescue disc to do a network install with the files from a DVD ISO as
> files on my hard disc, exactly as copied from it.  The copying process
> would have been from a loop mount, but the actual install wasn't.
> But anyway, I think that's probably going off on a tangent from the
> original poster's query about networking installing.
> I do recall having quite some difficulty the first time I tried to
> install.  I'd put the install files onto another hard drive, and tried
> to do an install from a local hard drive, and despite it being mounted
> and readable, the install routine couldn't make use of it.
> I installed another box by removing the DVD drive from yet another
> computer.
> And the last FC7 install was using the rescue CD as the boot drive, and
> external drive in a USB box with the DVD ISO on it.
The reason I started this thread was that the box I have has GigE and 
only USB-1.0, so installing from network would be vastly faster. I'm 
still looking for a good solution, but after the initial install I did 
change the "keep cache" setting for yum.conf, hopefully I can copy the 
cache to the new machine before updating and save some time there.

Someone suggested that there could be a singe /var/cache/yum instance, 
and that it could be mounted r/w via NFS and used. Does anyone know if 
that really works? I will have a fair number of boxes with fast net and 
no DVD by the end of the year.

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