Is there a Gnome GUI equivalent of phpmyadmin?

Paul Lemmons paul.lemmons at
Thu Nov 8 20:17:12 UTC 2007

On Thursday 08 November 2007 1:12:17 pm Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> On Nov 8, 2007 2:05 PM, Chris G <cl at> wrote:
> > Gnome has mysql-administrator for administering mysql but that is an
> > administrator utility only, it doesn't seem to provide a way of
> > creating tables etc.
> >
> > Is there a Gnome GUI equivalent of the part of phpmyadmin that allows
> > one to create tables, delete tables, display data, etc.?
> It's not GNOME, but MySQL provides GUIs for both WIndows and Linux
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mysql-administrator most certainly does give you the ability to create tables, 
update tables, add indexes and anything else you can think of. This is its 
purpose for existence. I suggest you spend a little more time with it. 
Especially in the "Calalog" section.

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