Excessive bounces on this list

Simon Slater pyevet at aapt.net.au
Thu Nov 8 22:27:15 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 17:45 +1000, Simon Slater wrote:
> > somewhere, and use that for receiving list mail.  Otherwise, you'd
> > have
> > to try and convince your ISP to lift their game (good luck with
> that).
> > 
>         Another half an hour on their queue!  Anyone recommend a good
> ISP in
> Australia?  We are currently thinking about going ADSL since it is now
> available where we are.  A plan including 10 email adresses and enough
> download for Fedora ISOs would be great.  I would like to get into
> testing new releases.
I've had a reply from the ISP.  For them to investigate they need:
"We need you to request the bounce back email they have received or the
full error message they have received while trying to send you mail."
How do I get that information?


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