Fedora+KVM, any docs showing networking ?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Thu Nov 8 23:16:22 UTC 2007

Naoki wrote:
> I'm  a tad stuck here, looking for help..  Do any Fedora users out there 
> have pointers to Fedora specific docs (examples?) on KVM and networking 
> ? I'm F8 but will take F7 docs.
> My situation..
> I have a KVM'ed OS that cannot communicate with the outside world,  I 
> understand this is because unlike Xen, KVM does not automatically 
> configure 'bridge networking'.
> None of the Fedora docs (including beats) show any references to setting 
> up KVM networking and simple list "use  qemu-kvm". 
> Upon running 'qemu-kvm' it complains with :
> open /dev/kvm: No such file or directory
> Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support

That's easy, after you
   modprobe -v kvm-intel
you will have /dev/kvm. You can then give yourself rwx permissions by 
group, or whatever. I am in root group, so I just
   chmod g+rwx /dev/kvm
to get it done. Some of the docs claim selinux has to be disabled, I'm 
not willing to do that (yet) as all the non-networked stuff works just 
fine as is. I build software under BSD, run Windows applications, etc. 
But the network stuff doesn't want to work, even when I create a bridge, 
> And when I attempt to load my network device as a bridge device I get :
> Bringing up interface eth0:  Bridge support not available in this kernel
> So I'm referring to the qemu docs for help but so far I'm finding Ubuntu 
> specific docs and I'd rather like to get this working sooner rather than 
> later.
There is bridge module and utility stuff to download, the machine on 
which I did it is offline (and FC6) at the moment, so I can't give details.

I never did get kvm working for network access, and I'd rather use it 
than xen if I could, so if you get it done a one screen howto would be 
useful. There's some stuff I pulled off virtual.org (from memory)

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