IcedTea Firefox and SELinux

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Fri Nov 9 09:32:37 UTC 2007

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Jon Escombe wrote:
> Knute Johnson <knute <at>> writes:
>> There are some indeterminate issues with icedtea as far as I'm 
>> concerned.  I couldn't get it to work as a plugin at all.  I did get 
>> Sun's Java installed and working however (if you want those 
>> instructions let me know).  The last step of that is to remove 
>> nspluginwrapper.  That seems to make Sun's plugin work, you might try 
>> it.
> I'd be interested to hear how you got Sun's Java working, it's eluded me so far.

Hi Jon,

I have been using Sun's JVM for quite some time now (over quite a few
releases). First up install the Sun's Java Env. Then, a little lesser
known fact is that you need to have compat-stdc++ also installed.
Finally, just link
/usr/java/jdkx.x.x_xx/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/ to
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ and then restart firefox.

And oh yeah, I also pathmunge that java path (in /etc/profile).

Thats all that there is to it.

Still downloading Fedora 8. Once I have it installed shall toy around
with IcedTea too.


> I tried rebuilding from JPackage nosrc RPMs (with my F7 spec file), but the
> resultant packages want the XFS font server installed.. 
> I've also tried installing the Sun binary RPM and the -compat RPM from JPackage,
> the plugin showed up in Firefox, but I never got any applets to start up..
> Thanks,
> Jon.
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