Dell D610 F8 boot message

Mike Cohler mike.cohler at
Fri Nov 9 18:23:14 UTC 2007

After needing the workaround in

I have got the install to complete, including firstboot.

However during the subsequent boot I see on the screen and in
/var/log/messages the entries
Nov  9 17:37:27 localhost kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason a1 on C
PU 0.
Nov  9 17:37:27 localhost kernel: You have some hardware problem, likely on the
PCI bus.
Nov  9 17:37:27 localhost kernel: Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

When I get to the completed f8 running system then I will add to the
smolt entry suggested by Rahul in the above link/thread.

In the meantime does anyone know what the likely cause of the kernel
message above is?
Also whether this is cause for concern, and what workaround is possible?

The workaround needed to get the install to run was not added to the
grub entries by default - should it be?

Also I was not asked during firstboot to check sound - and it seems no
sound is working at present. Has anyone else had this?


mike cohler

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