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Mark Haney mhaney at
Fri Nov 9 20:13:20 UTC 2007

Mike Wright wrote:
> Hi all,
> When using firefox since fc6 (I skipped fc5) I've noticed that many
> images, suchas .swf, now display as a large pair of vertical bars,
> somewhat simalar to the insignia worn by U.S. Army captains, that may
> appear alone or on top of some other background.
> On really lousy sites where it's flash or nothing or where most of the
> adverts are flash this is (IMO) just plain ugly and really annoying.
> It's as if someone is threating "Use flash or else we'll destroy your
> user experience".  If that's the case how about a little CSS ala "body
> {display: none;}" and we wouldn't have to waste our time on sites like
> that.  <-- me being facetious ;)   Whatever happened to "failing
> gracefully", the mantra of web designers?
> Does anybody know where these abuses have come from?  Are they from the
> Mozilla project or is this something peculiar to fedora's spin of
> firefox or perhaps something peculiar to fedora itself?
> Regardless of its origin I would like to stop it.  Anybody know how to
> change this behavior?
> Forever indebted to whomever has a solution,
> Mike Wright

If I get what you are saying, I see similar things, mostly over 'title
bars' I suppose is the best way to describe it (article headers on
Slashdot for instance).  Generally, these go away if I scroll the bars
off the screen and then back down where I can see them.  Is this similar
to your issue?

I don't know of a way to fix it other than the aforementioned scrolling,
but for flash objects in Firefox, flashbblock is the extension I never
go without.  That and AdBlockPlus make life much easier for me on that


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