long wait...

Marcel Janssen korgull at home.nl
Fri Nov 9 20:17:03 UTC 2007

On Friday 09 November 2007, Frank Cox wrote:
> I tried updating this computer from F7 to F8 earlier today.  I booted it
> off a CDR, pointed it to the DVD image on my fileserver, and let 'er rip. 
> It got to about the 26% mark on "resolving dependencies" that others have
> mentioned, and then sat. And sat. I saw a bit of network activity and a bit
> of hard drive activity once in a while so it wasn't hung up.
> About 3 hours later I gave up for the moment and rebooted the computer so
> I'm back at F7.

I just fixed the /sbin/loader issue and now hit this issue. Not on one laptop, 
but on 2 laptops (with completely different specs).

Giving up on this for the time being (until there's a fixed installer I 


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