VMware install on F7 -- Solved

McGuffey, David C. DAVID.C.MCGUFFEY at saic.com
Fri Nov 9 20:38:32 UTC 2007


> > I'm a bit dismayed that VMware is not playing a more active role in 

> > making the scripts necessary to get their product to run on Fedora.

> > Afterall Fedora eventually rolls over into a Red Hat server

> >

> The issue is more the rate at which Fedora changes the kernel, the 

> Vmware installation process requires (as you discvered) a build 

> against the kernel sources.  Vmware make their code work with the 

> latest kernels being used in various distributions at the time the 

> Vmware release is done.


> Some distributions keep the same kernel throughout their life (e.g.

> typically server/commercial distributions) for just this reason, 

> things like Vmware are supported only against certain kernel versions.


> Other distributions (like Fedora) stay on the 'bleeding edge' and 

> update the kernel frequently, Vmware releases don't keep up with these

> changes.


> If you want a 'safe' place to be for sensitive software to run you 

> want to use a more stable distribution than Fedora.



I agree...I was just sniveling a bit.


Dave McGuffey

Principal Information System Security Engineer // NSA-IEM, NSA-IAM SAIC,
IISBU, Columbia, MD



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