f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Fri Nov 9 23:16:52 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> Aaron Konstam wrote:
>>>> I don't want to start a war but NM does not work as it normally would,
>>>> using nm-applet in run level 3.
>>> There is no point in using nm-applet in runlevel 3. nm-applet is a 
>>> GNOME frontend for NetworkManager.
>>  Rahul
>> How about, instead of saying, "That's wrong," you say, "This is how 
>> you do it?"
> I would and I have done that several times before or pointed out more 
> references which explain things in detail. I don't get the impression 
> that it is getting through much.

In this thread? I've never thought NM ready for use, so I generally 
ignore threads dealing it. I joined this one because it's been running a 
while. A link to some how-to info in this thread may have informed me.

Who's Chuck Morris anyway? I didn't find that useful. What I want to 
know is what works now.



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