f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Sat Nov 10 19:23:10 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> I was telling anyone how not to do it. Just clarifying some 
>>> misinformation (ie) NM is not tied to a desktop environment.
>> Depends what you mean by "tied to a desktop environment". It may not be
>> tied in any one particular desktop, gnome or KDE, but that fact that you
>> do have to have *some* desktop running before you can use NM in my eyes
>> means NM *is* tied to a desktop environment.
> Ya. I meant tied to a any particular desktop environment.

Until that's undone, it's not going to be very useful to me. I have two 
desktop computers with PCI wireless cards, one's acting as a relay. I 
have three Linux laptops with wireless, one's acting as a  relay. Any of 
the others might have both interfaces active at any time, and there's no 
guessing which (if either) should be the gateway to the Internet.

None of my Linux laptops and only one of the wireless desktops boots to 
runlevel 5.



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