F8 - upgrading impossible

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Sun Nov 11 04:38:59 UTC 2007

Björn Persson wrote:

You went about using the DVD in an out of the ordinary way. At least you 
were able to upgrade your system.
I believe the /mnt directory cannot be used directly though I know of no 
reason it would be excluded from direct usage. I always created a 
directory sub to /mnt because of traditional usage of /mnt.

Question: Was the DVD automounted under /media/fedora8-dvd-whatever when 
inserted? Were you in GUI mode or in text mode?

Usually I see the DVD automounted in GUI mode.

Whenever I have trouble with the installer not working I would mount the 
disk and then copy the rpms to a directory on my hard drive. After that, 
I would run createrepo on the created directory. Then I would disable 
the standard repo files and add a new repo file based on the disk. Of 
course these computers which I do this to are not connected to the 
Internet and the repo is still used later for putting files in it to 
continue updating. The initial rpms are left on the disk and newer 
directories with repos are created for other repos which come after for 
updates-testing and updates.

Anyway, I believe there is an easier way than what I have done and the 
method that you described. I heard some references on the development 
list of people being requested when running the update GUI programs to 
insert the Installation DVD. I do not see any trace on my system but 
there must be some repo file or setting in yum where you can now set it 
to use the DVD for upgrading systems or adding packages.
The information is probably somewhere in the archives for the 
development list and if I recall were posted by Gerry Tool, where his 
questions were answered. I don't really want to attempt to search the 
archives though.

Creativity is no substitute for knowing what you are doing.

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