How to get mail to local destinations delivered?

Chris G cl at
Sun Nov 11 11:49:37 UTC 2007

On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 12:42:26PM +0100, Gijs wrote:
> This is total overkill for my actual requirement (which maybe I
> should have stated at the outset), I simply want mail to root on my
> Fedora machine to get sent to me rather than having to become root to
> read it.  No other mail is sent or read on this machine.
>    If you want root's mail to get delivered to your own email address,
>    you can use the file /etc/aliases.
>    I think the last line of the file already describes it, but if you
>    want root's mail to get delivered to [4]root at,
>    you can add to that file:
>    root:   [5]root at
Ah, yes, but what do I put as my address in /etc/aliases?  I can't
find an address that makes sendmail send it to me on this machine.

Chris Green

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