f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Sun Nov 11 15:29:42 UTC 2007

David Boles wrote:

>> I must say I share the view that WiFi in Fedora is very badly organized.
>> As far as I am concerned the problem is not with drivers,
>> but with the basic WiFi setup.
>> Unfortunately I don't think NM is the answer.
>> It adds another layer on top of everything else,
>> and if something is wrong at the bottom
>> this just adds to the confusion.
>> Also, although this seems to be a minority view,
>> I think NM tries to do far too much.
>> Basically, I have no problem at all with ethernet, ever,
>> and don't really want anything "improving" on my setup.
>> And the problems I meet with bluetooth
>> are nothing to do with the issues dealt with by NM.

> Ah. So you think that Network Manager is the problem?

I don't think NM is the problem.
I find it quite nice to use if there is no WiFi problem,
which is probably most of the time for most people.
When I find it is no use, and actually a hindrance,
is if there is a problem,
since NM tends to obscure the source of the problem.

> If I understand it 
> correctly they, Fedora developers, are working on a replacement for
> Network Manager.

I'm glad to hear that.
Really, I would be perfectly happy if config-system-network
and its GUI counterparts worked as advertised,
and perhaps gave out a bit more information if requested.
Also the "profiles" need sorting out.

This has been bad for years.
I really think the job should be passed on to someone else,
or maybe the developers should take on some new blood.

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