How to get mail to local destinations delivered?

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Mon Nov 12 03:35:50 UTC 2007

At 4:49 PM +0000 11/10/07, Chris G wrote:
>I have a fairly default Fedora 7 installation, certainly the sendmail
>is just as it was installed.
>How do I get sendmail to deliver mail to local destinations?  The
>system's hostname is and it's connected to the Internet
>via a router.  I have a CNAME set up at the hosting provider that
>hosts to point at the static address of my ADSL connection.
>When I send mail from my system to a local address it gets the
>hostname added, thus mail gets sent to root at,
>postmaster at, chris at, etc.  All of this
>fails because sendmail attempts to connect to the SMTP port of
>, which isn't possible because my router's firewall
>doesn't accept connections on port 25.
>I don't want to open up port 25 and it seems a bit silly anyway to
>send mail on such a long round trip.  Is there any way I can tell
>sendmail that is localhost (or  I have an
>entry for in my /etc/hosts file which is:-
>     home
>but obviously sendmail is doing a DNS lookup for which
>returns the 'external' IP address.

You didn't show your entire /etc/hosts file.  Does it start with:    localhost localhost.localdomain

with the 192.x.x.x line after it?
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