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Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 12 05:21:56 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 14:59 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> I have a system diagram you can view at:
> http://users.wildblue.net/bobgoodwin/sys071031.png

Well, looking at your network, you could use MRTG with the
device to measure the traffic going through your LAN (and for anything
outside that managed to connect to it through your wireless networking).
All your LAN traffic (including intruders) goes through it before making
out to your microwave internet connection.

I think you'd only need to try and directly measure the wildblue
receiver if it was capable of wireless connections directly with someone
else.  Is it wired to the dish, or does it use a wireless link between
the receiver box and the dish?

You could probably, also, use MRTG on the other wireless LAN
switches/bridges, to see which ones are the busy ones.  Though that'd
mean a plethora of different graphs.  If you wanted to trace out where
the traffic was coming from, I think you'd want to log your
device quite thoroughly, when run a logging analysis tool on it, rather
than just a MRTG graph.

(This box runs FC5, my others run FC4 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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