Enterprise Management Tool supporting Fedora?

Daniel Qarras dqarras at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 18:46:12 UTC 2007

Hi all,

this must have been discussed before but I can't find a clear answer
with Google so here it goes:

In large corporate/enterprise environments with hundreds or thousands
workstations and laptops a centralized management tool is a must and
any home-made scripting solution hacked by those two geeks working in
the basement is too fragile solution so something proven and tested
would be needed.

For RHEL there's RHN/Satellite Server (1) which probably works, for
Ubuntu there's Blueprint (2) coming, but is there anything that would
support at least a mixture of Fedora/CentOS installations and is
available free (in all meanings, ruling Satellite Server out)? Probably
something like Yum + Cfengine could be bended to do most of the work
but as said having a home made system for managing thousands of systems
doesn't sound a bright idea. And just going 100% to RHEL is not always
a solution as many developers will get benefits by using tools present
in Fedora but not in RHEL and some hardware (especially laptops) are
hard to get running without using the latest distro available.

Below is a list I imagine that would be needed, most of these are from
the Ubuntu Blueprint's requirements:

1. Automatic upgrade to a particular version of selected packages
2. Kickstart new client machine with the appropriate version of Ubuntu
(specific to a hardware configuration and role) with all the associated
packages selected by the IT department of the company
3. Ability to change configurations and rules (including firewalls et
al) centrally and push them to the client machines
3a. Ability to execute remote commands on a given set of clients
4. Monitor and record list of packages installed in a laptop or
4a. Any abnormal status reported by e-mail or others means to admins
6. Stagger the updates and upgrades so that all machines do not suck-in
bits at the same time

So if anyone has suggestions or even experiences with a tool to handle
these kinds of tasks in large environments it would very interesting to
hear about them!

1) https://www.redhat.com/rhn/


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