F8 says my video controller sucks.

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Mon Nov 12 12:06:24 UTC 2007

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 15:45 +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
>> Jimmy Bradley wrote:
>>>     Unable to start Xserver, Unable to configure video.
>>> Sorry, but I don't have hours to spend on a search and find mission, so
>>> I think I'll just go with what I know will work and move on to that
>>> distro.
>>> Jim
>> Good.
> John, that's not nice. The poor devil probably doesn't have the
> experience to just text install as a proper fall-back. For novices it
> might be a scary thing. Panic sets in where there should be none.
> Sometimes a little empathy goes a long ways, especially coming from a
> professional such as yourself. I'm sure you know that, I'm just
> reminding you that it appears to be on the unnecessarily rude side. Ric 

Also the text installer is not up to par when I last tried a text 
install. Passing xserver=vesa or some additional parameter to boot with 
a specific driver is probably best. Though starting with a prompt to do 
this is not as obvious as it was before the menu selections were added 
to the menu which to me add additional confusion. adding linux 
xserver=vesa with the command line apparent as in the past was easier 
and less confusing in my view.


The angry man always thinks he can do more than he can.
		-- Albertano of Brescia

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