Ambient light level sensor in Fedora 8???

Tomasz Torcz tomek at
Mon Nov 12 12:10:58 UTC 2007

> This is a no-name brand laptop. I have a small widget directly above the 
> screen that is labeled with a small etched picture of a microphone. That's, 
> apparently, my laptop's built-in microphone, which I never used. I 
> discovered that if I cover up the entire microphone sensor, that triggers 
> the backlight to dim to half power. Looks like I have an ambient light 
> sensor in there.

Few things. First, that's probably not a microphone but a webcam. Didn't
you know that you have one? ;)
Second thing, according to 
webcam can be used as ambient light sensor. It apparently works for you.
And third thing, run gconf-editor, navigate
to /apps/gnome-power-manager/ambient and uncheck "enable". Or you can
fiddle with values there.

Tomasz Torcz

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