f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Mon Nov 12 13:26:11 UTC 2007

Aaron Konstam wrote:

>> Wireless on Fedora sucks, and it seems it will suck for time to come.
> First wireless works flawlessly for me on my laptop with f7. Not working
> is more a function of the wireless hardware not fedora.

It's also a function of what you actually require it to do.

> Second, on what version of Linux are you satisfied with the wireless
> behavior?

Well, my most recent experience is with opensuse 10.2, as I've outlined 
several times in this thread. The problem is nm.

It does not cope with these activities.
1. Changing between wireless networks.
2. reconnecting to a previous network: it forgets the password. I've 
experienced this, someone else mentioned it too.
3. Having a mix of wired and wireless networks. Probably, any 
combination of more than one network, but I've not tested that.

Also, nm configurations are not activated until a users' logged in to a 
GUI. It's a pain for me, impossible if one needs an nfs mount before 
logging in. This one's in bugzilla.

In contrast, my Mac, running OS X, handles wireless with aplomb. I've 
not tried bridging networks with OS X, but I do know there's an option 
to create an ad-hoc network, and that should do it.

Now, when Rahud was paying attention to what I said, he did not say that 
Fedora would behave differently.



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