Wireless (iwl4965AGN) works with Live CD but not DVD install

Christopher A. Williams fedoralists at cawllc.com
Mon Nov 12 20:32:32 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 12:24 -0500, John W. Linville wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2007 at 07:49:47AM -0700, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> > The upshot of it is that if I install using the Live CD or DVD (32 or 64
> > bit), the Intel WiFi card works with no issues out of the box. If, OTOH,
> > installing from the install DVD (32 or 64 bit), the WiFi card never
> > works correctly.
> What is the output of `rpm -q iwl4965-firwmare`?
> Thanks,
> John

I haven't been able to do more installs from the install DVD, but output
from the x86-64 Live DVD (the one that's working) is:


Hope that helps!



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