Enterprise Management Tool supporting Fedora?

Daniel Qarras dqarras at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 20:52:00 UTC 2007


> > > In large corporate/enterprise environments with hundreds or
> > > thousands workstations and laptops a centralized management tool
> > > is a must and any home-made scripting solution hacked by those
> > > two geeks working in the basement is too fragile solution so
> > > something proven and tested would be needed.
> >
> > All this stuff, whether corporate or Linux or even budding new OS's
> > are written by Geeks.  Where they work, and how much they get paid
> > and by whom has very little impact on value.  
> Some practical examples.
> Some of the largest networks and clusters in the world are managed by
> custom, in-house developed solutions. 
> - Having proper process
> - Doing proper testing
> - Having a third party for support/blame/testing/..

Thanks for the comments. Actually the second and third points were the
most related to what I was referring with the "geeks in the basement"
comment: unfortunately it's not only a technical problem to have an
in-house system in use, it needs just few PHBs to bring up "a demand
for a supported solution" (some of them tend to praise Microsoft SMS
[1] for how mature product it is and also a supported one - no matter
that Microsoft and support in the same sentence doesn't make much sense
in my books). Also the idea of developing a tool in-house for something
that is not part of core business might raise questions. With Satellite
Server and perhaps in the future also with Blueprints one could get
away by saying that these are clearly proven and supported tools and
while they would still need local customization the PHBs could OK them
because they heard the words "proven" and "support".

1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_Management_Server


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