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David Boles dgboles at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 21:07:11 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Gilboa Davara wrote:
>    There are two things I have to do to make Nvidia work on Fedora.
> First not on FC6 but on F7 and F8 when you do a new load from the DVD
> you get a strange not right X windows and you get no pointer.
>    The pointer is easy, you just have to add to xorg.conf a Option that
> causes Fedora to use the software pointer. Until you have gone to level
> 5 without a pointer you don't know what a pain the lack of a pointer is :-(
>    I found on the Nvidia web page a great bash file that lets me update
> the Nvidia kernel module when needed. It is my understanding that
> somewhere in the Fedora group there exists this bash file and they are
> making kernel rpm packages. And a rpm package to load so the system can
> use the kernel.
>    This has been here for around a year. But because of the Fedora
> "standards" they will not package the needed Nvidia software because
> they send us binary files. Now Nvidia has no problem sending the proper
> binary files to  Microsoft who puts it into there packages and thank
> Nvidia.

This is flat out wrong Karl. Nvidia provides Microsoft with a binary
only driver, that Microsoft pays them for (license fees) that will just
barely work and does not do 'the good stuff' that you want. If a Windows
user wants the 'the good stuff', most do, he must go to Nvidia's site,
find his card, download, install, and configure the proper drivers.
Sounds one heck of a lot like what you are complaining about having to
do does it not?

I have an Nvidia card. A GeForce 8600 GTS. And I have had absolutely no
problems with the nv drivers as provided by the Linux kernels. Nor have
I ever had any problems finding, compiling, and installing the Nvidia
Linux drivers provided by Nvidia when I wanted to do that. I have had
many Nvidia cards. I have used Nvidia for more years than I care to
think about. And never, ever, at no time, have I had any problems with
them Or with Linux.

>    How long will Nvidia be around? The last time I looked they have
> bought back 2 million of their own shares at around $35/share and are
> paying a profit to investors on slightly over 3 Billion dollars of
> profit this year. We will see more and more new computers using Nvidia
> products because they sell a hardware set to Motherboard makers that do
> everything.

As for Nvidia being around later? You're kidding here right? Long after
you and I are both gone and forgotten they will still be making and
selling video cards.

>    So yes I will write 2 bugs. One will be to fix the pointer problem
> forever, and the other will cover the problem I do not know how to solve.

As for your bugs? Could be bugs. But if they are you appear to be the
only person that has them. I have not seem any 'me too' replies to your



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