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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Mon Nov 12 21:14:04 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Gilboa Davara wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 11:49 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>     Anaconda found that my computer has a Nvidia VGA hardware and 
>>> even called it the right model! I was happy and hoped it would carry 
>>> on but when I rebooted it has the same 800X600 off center x-windows 
>>> that it had with F7 when it was new. So it seems there has been no 
>>> work on setting up a new version of Fedora capable of working with 
>>> Nvidia hardware. That will be my bug.
>> A. Fedora (and/or X.org) cannot be held responsible for a semi-working
>> driver. At least as long nVidia is refusing the release the required
>> spec of nVidia chipset. Blame nVidia instead. (Yes, I know that nVidia
>> is helping the 2D driver... but this is far from being sufficient.
>> Sorry)
>> B. ... Even if Fedora and/or do anything about a semi-working driver,
>> unless you take the time to report the problem (with exact model
>> numbers, configuration, etc), it will not be fixed.
>> C. Having persistent (-unreported-) bugs doesn't mean "no work is being
>> done"... In most cases it means: "We are not aware of the problem or
>> have insufficient data to solve it". Xorg and Fedora developers are no
>> psychic.
>> ... In short, you can either (A) bitch and moan, or (B) you can help
>> Fedora solve your problem (Filing a bug report, complete with
>> machine/Xorg/etc configuration, etc).
>> In case you're wondering, posting a message in fedora-users (without any
>> meaningful information) is option A.
>> - Gilboa
>    There are two things I have to do to make Nvidia work on Fedora. 
> First not on FC6 but on F7 and F8 when you do a new load from the DVD 
> you get a strange not right X windows and you get no pointer.
>    The pointer is easy, you just have to add to xorg.conf a Option 
> that causes Fedora to use the software pointer. Until you have gone to 
> level 5 without a pointer you don't know what a pain the lack of a 
> pointer is :-(
>    I found on the Nvidia web page a great bash file that lets me 
> update the Nvidia kernel module when needed. It is my understanding 
> that somewhere in the Fedora group there exists this bash file and 
> they are making kernel rpm packages. And a rpm package to load so the 
> system can use the kernel.
>    This has been here for around a year. But because of the Fedora 
> "standards" they will not package the needed Nvidia software because 
> they send us binary files. Now Nvidia has no problem sending the 
> proper binary files to  Microsoft who puts it into there packages and 
> thank Nvidia.
>    How long will Nvidia be around? The last time I looked they have 
> bought back 2 million of their own shares at around $35/share and are 
> paying a profit to investors on slightly over 3 Billion dollars of 
> profit this year. We will see more and more new computers using Nvidia 
> products because they sell a hardware set to Motherboard makers that 
> do everything.
>    So yes I will write 2 bugs. One will be to fix the pointer problem 
> forever, and the other will cover the problem I do not know how to solve.
    You can read the bug I submitted for your own information. It is bug 
378751 and it includes a way to fix the problem on all new versions.


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