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Lonni J Friedman a écrit :
> On 11/12/07, François Patte <francois.patte at math-info.univ-paris5.fr> wrote:
>> Lonni J Friedman a écrit :
>>> 100.14.11 hasn't been supported in many months, and wouldn't be
>>> expected to work in a recent kernel.  You should be using 100.14.19
>> Found that one. Compiling and installing went smoothly. Thanks. But I
>> did not succeed in using it because something is missing in /dev and X
>> did not find any screen.
>> I tried to force the options to have the devices created (according to
>> the readme) but this failed. I don't know why; this is the first time I
>> encounter such a problem with nvidia driver.
> Then follow the instructions in the driver README.

I tried to... But I missed something!

>> The "good" readme is unfortunately the one you get once the driver is
>> installed...
> No, its also available on NVIDIA's website.

Found one but some details that I could see in the on board readme were
not in the in line readme... There are some problem with the in line
doc: I begin from the French nvidia web site and some information or
download are not easily available by this way (for instance I did not
found the 100.14.23 package. Once I was searching the last x86_64
driver, and I got it through the american web site)...

>> BTW is there a place where to read a comprehensive list of optin
>> "NVreg"? with explanations?
> The driver README lists what is supported.

In fact I am searching information on "mobile" option: I read on some
list that this is important to have my laptop hibernating but it is not
clear at all: some say that this option must be set at 1 others at 3,
others at 4....

All what I could see is that this option must set but it is not well
working for my laptop (toshiba; hibernating and resuming take a long
time) and I would like to find the best way.

I try these "experiences" with the livna driver but I was wondering if
the "official" driver from nvidia was not better for this purpose.

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