The puplet that devoured pirut? (... yum) Bug or feature?

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Tue Nov 13 03:06:38 UTC 2007

Antonio wrote:
> I removed yum-updatesb from services starting at boot-time.
> When I start Yumex I get a number of retry of Metadata not checksum on
> many servers, and then it stops (wasting a lot of my time...) What is
> happening??? I think that everything is related....

As was answered in the thread, running
rm /var/run/
as root will get rid of the file that is locking the process up from 
proceeding. I still had trouble with pup taking a long time to do 
anything. I canceled pup and decided to run
yum -y update again in the terminal. Yum proceeded successfully to 
install the updates.
I don;t know if there is something in the GUI update programs that is 
causing problems since my last two update runs were from yum in a 
terminal. Both updates were applied normally.
I had my computer up for three days sharing the torrent but yum-updatesd 
i stopped from services. It is enabled for the next boot.

Out of curiosity, I ran pup again and it came back showing no updates. 
Pup did not hang for me when run just a few moments ago.

Sorry for the confusing nature my response has.


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