LDAP authentication and gui.

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Tue Nov 13 12:33:46 UTC 2007

Jyotishmaan Ray wrote:
> Dear FEDORA Users,
Once is enough. This is not a paid instant support site. Give people a
chance to try to answer your question. Also, please use a subject that 
gives an idea of the scope of your query.

> 1) In a LDAP configuration, once the files are imported, the users
> are shown in the GUI of the LINUX, fedora operating system.
Which GUI are you talking about ?
- system-config-users ?
- the gnome login screen ?

> 2) But in my case, after i imported the user-"xyz" in the LDAP
> server, LINUX Fedora operating system, is not showing up the
> user-"xyz" in the GUI.
Does ldapsearch prove that the import was successful ?

> 3) May i know why it is happening so.
> For your information, i have changed the slapd.conf file and
> /etc/ldap.conf files.
Posting those config files would probably help others to follow how you 
configured it {leave out your passwords}.

> After configuring the LDAP server, i have  run the  command-
> system-config-authentication
> Now please tell me, how much time the FEDORA linux takes in order to
> learn the fact that new users haev been imported to the LDAP server ?
If it is working, it should be live, or at worst a reboot.

> i have tried atleast 20 times by restarting/shutdown of the system to
> make it appear on the GUI ?
Users wont appear in the system-config-users gui - that only shows the 
local users in the passwd/groups files.

You might like to look at GUI ldap browser. I use a java one named ldap 


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