How to get mail to local destinations delivered?

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Tue Nov 13 17:39:57 UTC 2007

Chris G wrote:
> When (a while ago) I wanted a full mail setup on my machine I used
> postfix and, as you say, it was very easy.  However doing a whole mail
> server installation just to get to see status/error messages for root
> seems a bit like overkill to me.
There are some lighter mail servers that will just do local
delivery. On the other hand, setting up Postfix for it only requires
editing one or two lines in a configuration file. Now, I need the
mail server to be able to send mail over the Internet, so I had to
do a little extra configuration. (I send out monthly calenders to a
bunch of people.) On the other hand, installing Postfix would be a
lot less work then what you are going through with Sendmail right
now. And Sendmail is just as much overkill...

I never considered it worth while to search out and learn one of the
light MTA replacements when Postfix works well for me.


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