iwl4965 and kernel-

Ben Brown xthor at xthorsworld.com
Tue Nov 13 18:27:22 UTC 2007

I'm having a problem with the latest errata kernel and the iwl4965

I'm running F8 on a HP Compaq 8510w. I upgraded it from F7. It connects
to my WPA-protected network at home, and at work, just fine using
NetworkManager. However, it constantly logs this to /var/log/messages
(and shows up in dmesg):

Nov 12 21:11:14 aranya kernel: iwl4965: Can not find a suitable rate

This, by itself, would just be a (very minor) irritation... but now,
when I shut down, I see this message over and over and over again... and
the machine never shuts down. I have to stop NetworkManager, rmmod
iwl4965, and THEN I can shut down.

I want to file a bug, but I was curious if anyone else was having
similar issues?

- Ben

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