wpa_supplicant running in f8 gives "failed" on shutdown

Mike C mike.cohler at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 18:59:33 UTC 2007

I am running f8 with wpa_supplicant running with a stable wireless connection (
but had to start the supplicant during boot by using lines in /etc/rc.local )

The question I now have is related to the fact that if I simply shutdown the
machine with wpa_supplicant running then I get a Stopping wpa_supplicant
"failed" message during the shutdown sequence.  Has any else seen this?

It is not of any consequence since I can restart wpa_supplicant at the next boot
but this implies that the shutdown sequencing in the initscripts is wrong?

There are also known problems starting the wpa_supplicant daemon which are in
buzgilla - maybe the two are related?

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