f8 nvidia - dynamic kernel module support

Mitsuho Iizuka m-iizuka at cp.jp.nec.com
Wed Nov 14 02:21:25 UTC 2007


From: David Timms <dtimms at iinet.net.au>
Subject: Re: f8 nvidia - dynamic kernel module support
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 21:12:21 +1100

> I haven't checked lately, but it used to be:
> - livna format is a kmod rpm for a specific kernel version. If the 
> kernel changes, you need to wait for livna to publish a new kmod suited 
> only to the new kernel. They get to do the compile, test release process.
> - freshrpms format is a dkms module rpm. Along with requiring compiler 
> tools and kernels headers installed, dkms detects a change in kernel 
> during system boot up, and rebuilds the kernel interface to suit the new 
> kernel. Mostly this just works - maybe an extra 30 seconds to compile it 
> the first time you run a new kernel version.

I did't know. This is quite useful information. Thanks a lot.
I'll replace the driver right now. To do this, must I add
more rpms, such as kernel development environment ?

// M.Iizuka

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