How to get mail to local destinations delivered? Finally solved and understood!!!!

Chris G cl at
Wed Nov 14 12:28:31 UTC 2007


I have finally understood and solved this problem properly (I think!).

The issue is that sendmail needs to know all the aliases for the
system receiving mail.  If you do 'host' you get:- is an alias for has address

Thus my problem is fixed if I add the
alias to my /etc/hosts file:- home

Yes, I know I have put " home" rather than the "home" that I originally had but this isn't what fixes the
problem.  Without the it still fails
in the way it did before.

I think the 'connect back to ourselves' is actually done within
sendmail as "telnet 25" just gets a connection refused and
"telnet 25" just times out.  The added alias in
/etc/hosts seems to tell sendmail somehow to not try and go out and
back in again.

I can now send mail to 'root' and 'chris' and sendmail puts it into
their local spool in /var/spool/mail, and I can just add:-

    root:       chris

at the end of /etc/aliases and it does what I expect.

Phew!  I thought the fix would be trivial when I found it! :-)

Thanks for all the thoughts and efforts everyone.

Chris Green

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